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The training days for 2018

Active Events

UKETS is proud to be collaborating with the European Society of Vascular Surgery (ESVS) again to deliver three courses a the annual meeting in Hamburg in 2019:
Toolkit for EVAR – Wednesday 25th Sept 10:15-12:00

Toolkit for PAD – Wednesday 25th Sept 13:45-15:45

Safe navigation in the arterial tree (simulator based) – Wednesday 25th Sept 16:15-18:15

Dates for Foundations in Endovascular Practice and Basic Endovascular Skills will be available soon! .
Foundations in Endovascular Practice

UKETS Foundations In Endovascular Practice

  • Stay tuned for details
  • Aimed at F1/F2 level, interested in cardiology, radiology or vascular surgery
  • Dedicated careers session with advice on CV/Interviews
  • Hands-on, interactive and a great introduction to your potential future specialty
  • Only course of its kind!

Basic Endovascular Skills

UKETS Basic Endovascular Skills

  • Stay tuned for details!
  • ESSENTIAL hands on experience with state of the art simulation
  • Aimed at ST1 level upwards, interested in cardiology, radiology or vascular surgery
  • Increase your confidence with endovascular practice
  • Pre-Course online lectures
  • Expert faculty

Nurse Observer

UKETS Nurse Observer Course

  • Stay Tuned for details!
  • Dedicated course for nurses in endovascular practice
  • Learn the basics of wires, catheters, endovascular kit and procedures
  • Hands-on and interactive
  • Only course of its kind!

Angioplasty Essentials

UKETS Angioplasty Essentials
Stay Tuned for details

    • Intensive, hands-on course aimed at angioplasty/stenting
      Relevant to trainees interested in radiology or vascular surgery
    • Pre-course lectures
      A chance to practice angioplasty/stenting of iliac and SFA lesions using state of the art simulators
    • Expert faculty

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